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Базы данных

Авторов Коллектив - Базы данных: конспект лекцийКустов Виктор - Руководство администратора баз данных Inrformix.Маслов Владимир Викторович - Введение в PerlМаслов Владимир Викторович - Введение в PerlTai Te Wu - Analytical Molecular BiologyBurt Anderson, Herman Friedman, Mauro Bendinelli - Microorganisms and BioterrorismThomas F. Kresina - An Introduction to Molecular Medicine and Gene TherapyTerry Kenakin - A Pharmacology Primer, Theory, Applications, and MethodsDavid A. Gewirtz, Shawn E. Holt, Steven Grant - Apoptosis, Senescence and CancerGeorge P. Studzinski - Apoptosis. A Practical ApproachKeith B. Elkon - Apoptosis and Its Relevance to AutoimmunityAndréa C. LeBlanc - Apoptosis Techniques and ProtocolsG. Waite, L. Waite - Applied Cell and Molecular Biology for EngineersRichard G. Wax, Kim Lewis, Abigail A. Salyers, Harry Taber - Bacterial Resistance to AntimicrobialsElizabeth Kutter, Alexander Sulakvelidze - Bacteriophages. Biology and ApplnsBarbara J. Bain - A Beginner's Guide to Blood CellsChris Mullins - Biogenesis of Cellular OrganellesThomas Lengauer, Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi, Hendrik Timmerman - Bioinformatics. From Genomes to DrugsBryan Bergeron - Bioinformatics ComputingShin-Ho Chung, Olaf S. Anderson, Vikram V. Krishnamurthy - Biological Membrane Ion Channels. Dynamics, Structure and ApplnsG. Walsh - Biopharmaceuticals. Biochemistry and BiotechnologySandor Damjanovich - Biophysical Aspects of Transmembrane SignalingGerd Burmester, Antonio Pezzutto - Color Atlas of ImmunologyChris R. Calladine, Horace Drew, Ben Luisi, Andrew Travers - Understanding DNA-The Molecule and How It WorksFrantisek Baluska, Dieter Volkmann, Peter W. Barlow - Cell-Cell ChannelsEckart D. Gundelfinger, Constanze Seidenbecher, Burkhart Schraven - Cell Communication in Nervous and Immune SystemCsaba Szabo - Cell Death The Role of PARPYu-Li Wang, Dennis E. Discher - Cell Mechanics [Methods in Cell Biology Vol.83]Yoshihito Yawata - Cell Membrane. the Red Blood Cell as a ModelAshok Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Igor Yu Galaev, Bo Mattiasson - Cell Separation. Fundamentals, Analytical and Preparative MethodsAdalberto Merighi, Giorgio Carmignoto, C. Cuello - Cellular and Molecular Methods in Neuroscience ResearchJr.; R.M. Brown, Jr.; R.M. Brown; I.M. Saxena - Cellulose. Molecular and Cellular BiologyChristopher Fall, Eric Marland, John Wagner, John Tyson - Computational Cell BiologyMohammad R. K. Mofrad, Roger Kamm - Cytoskeletal Mechanics. Models and MeasurementsU. Nuber - DNA MicroarraysEsteban Domingo, Robert G. Webster, John F. Holland - Origin and Evolution of VirusesJack P. Uetrecht, William Trager - Drug Metabolism. Chemical and Enzymatic AspectsRaphael C. Wong, Harley Y. Tse - Drugs of Abuse. Body Fluid TestingJ. Wang - Drugs of Abuse. Neurological Reviews and ProtocolsGuofeng You, Marilyn E. Morris, Binghe Wang - Drug Transporters. Molecular Characterization and Role in Drug DispositionLesley-Jane Eales - Immunology For Life ScientistsHenry Lutz Ehrlich - GeomicrobiologyHelen Henry, Anthony W. Norman - Encyclopedia of Hormones [3 Vols]Stuart Hogg - Essential MicrobiolgyStephen M. Stahl M.D. Ph. D., Nancy Muntner - Essential Psychopharmacology. Neuroscientific Basis and Practical ApplnsXiao-Ming Yin, Zheng Dong - Essentials of Apoptosis. A Guide for Basic and Clinical ResearchStanley T. Omaye - Food and Nutritional ToxicologyDavid Sigee - Freshwater Microbiology. Biodiversity and Dynamic Interactions of Miicroorgs in the Aquatic EnvBrian E. Leonard - Fundamentals of PsychopharmacologyMinou Bina - Gene Mapping, Discovery, And Expression [Methods in Molec Bio 338]